Arguing for the Center From the Outfield

As the son of an ambassador, I traveled much of the world as a youth. However, I have spent the last 6 years in the U.S. and consider myself more American than anything else – not in small part due to the gigantic amount of television fed to me as a kid – no matter what country I was in.

Thanks to my background, I find myself at odds in my politics. Despite being racially profiled and registered by the FBI after 9/11, I fully support and understand such measures taken by a nation that has been attacked. On foreign policy, I lean conservative. On domestic policies, I am a bleeding heart liberal. One could classify my leanings as a centrist. However, the center seems to have fallen out in politics today.

Political activists have learned the value of a sound bite, no matter how misleading, can be spilled into the airwaves to quickly gain a life all on its own, echoing further by virtue of repetition over substance. We can now choose our politics much like we choose our groceries. The internet has given a voice to every shopper. This is normally a wonderful thing for democratic culture, but only if it is not with a scorched earth policy towards important national debates.
Analyzing today’s most divisive political news and issues, I hope to be able to bring a fresh perspective to the daily chaos, playing devil’s advocate for both left and right and pushing for common ground.


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