Some guys in a helicopter shot someone.

We interrupt you from your regularly scheduled Immigrant’s Tale to bring you this: released this disturbing video of what, in essence, is the casual murder of 12 innocent civilians by U.S. helicopter pilots.  It has exploded over certain parts of the blogosphere (we have to invent a better word for this), while at the same time, many mainstream news outlets, most notably the network and cable news channels, have ignored it.

Unsurprisingly, the talking ‘blogheads’ (now thats a better word) seem fairly safely divided into two camps. There are those expressing horror and calling for the heads of either the pilots or their superiors who instilled such a culture, and those who correctly point out that the very obviously armed men in the vicinity and highlight minutiae in the Rules of Engagement military  handbook.

This is a classic example of political whining over a socio-cultural issue. When you send men out to battle, bad things happen. When you send men out with insufferably powerful weapons and allow them to prosecute their violence via computer monitors on targets miles away, you will most certainly get the casual conversation in the video above.  The helicopter pilots are simply channeling years of training. There is no such thing is a humane military.

As shocked as people are, and as shocking as the video is, this is probably why the mainstream media is not reporting on the news.

Without going Rumsfeldian on you, s*** happens in a war.


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